Jade Craig

Founder & Managing Director


Jade, aka Giada, Italian born, London raised.

A proud South Londoner, who has immersed herself in the diverse vibrant cultures that surround her, Jade has hospitality coursing through her veins! From peeling spuds in her mum’s restaurant as a pre teen, to GM at 18, to becoming an area manager with 23 sites at 21, to commercial manager for the ALMR (now UKH) to MD of Inntegra Ltd and now founder, CEO, and head of permadeath at Gamechangers.

A colourful character that ‘gets shit done’ She helps people get to where they want to be, with coaching, advice and introductions. A true hopitalitarian, who is honest to her core, thrives in chaos, and controls her environment. She hones her Neurodivergence as power not a hindrance. Multi linguistics, organisation and creativity are her sweet spots. She is also the mother of dragons (see top dragon) Clarice.

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