Ed Christmas

Managing Director
Bums on Seats


Hailing from the outskirts of Brighton, Ed has worked across operations, sales and tech over the years. He has worked his way through the ranks in companies from floor manager to tech giants such as DesignMyNight. Most recently, Ed works as Managing Director at Bums on Seats, gaining a track record of growing the company and its clients overall revenue, gaining him the accolade of Restaurant Marketeer and Innovator 30 under 30 in 2023.

Ed’s aim is to grow the world of hospitality, where all suppliers and operators work together as a unit to drive the sector. In particular, the competitive socialising sphere is his passion and cannot wait to see this sector boom!”

Played archery for Sussex Deaf in one ear Taught at a deaf school in The Gambia Can rap the entire of the song Eminem Beautiful Been known to drink a bottle of Prosecco within 11 minutes

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