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In order to provide the best service to both our suppliers and operators, we require some basic information about your company in order to review your application.

Invoicing details

If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirmation followed by a VAT invoice requesting your annual subscription fee.
Once the funds have been received and processed, you will be granted access to the full Gamechangers platform.

Sign up details

These details will be the ones you and your staff will use to log into the Gamechangers portal. These details can be changed at a later date through your 'my account' page.

Acceptance of conditions

am applying on behalf of my Company for a Supplier Membership of Gamechangers Organisation Ltd and, if accepted, agree to pay the subscriptions levied and to abide by the rules of the Organisation as set out in the terms and conditions of this subscription. Any changes to the Membership arrangement should be advised in writing to Gamechangers Organisation Ltd.

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You will now have a chance to review your full application. Please make sure to enter your details as accurately as possible to make sure there are no issues with the application process - and be sure to make note of your chosen login details!

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