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Gamechangers Target
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Join the strongest sector of the market

The NPS scores and sales within competitive socialising stay strong even with downturning trends within the wider hospitality industry.

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Get your brand in front of the right audience

Gamechangers is specifically designed to put you in touch with operators at the cutting edge of the competitive socialising industry.

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Increase sales & build long-lasting relationships

We put you in direct contact with our operators, so you can start personalised conversations that create long lasting relationships and sales.

What you get

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Data analysis

We have recognised that the competitive socialising sector needs tailored data analysis, research, insights & benchmarking to make the information work for its operators.

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Direct advertising

Speak direct to our operators through adverts, e-shots, advertorials, case studies, direct links to your website, and the Gamechangers benefits & offers portal.

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The right audience

The competitive socialising sector is worth an estimated £1 billion in the UK. Get your business in front of operators that are at the cutting edge of this robust and growing sector.

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Networking access

Join exclusive Gamechangers events to network and find out the latest goings-on in the industry. This includes supplier speed-meets, Round Tables and a 5-a-side league.

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Lead the conversation

Solidify your positioning in the market, and take your place as a leading supplier at dedicated round tables, networking events and key debates.

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The Oracle

A one-stop, easy-to-digest update on everything you need to know and more from within the competitive socialising industry.

Gamechangers portal preview

How does the platform work?

The Gamechangers Organisation has an online platform where our members gain access to all of their benefits in one space - information & insights, 24 hour helplines, the Oracle e-zine and the benefits & offers portal.

The benefits & offers portal showcases the latest offers from our supplier partners in one easy-to-navigate space. Your brand will be showcased direct to our operator members, with an explainer of what you do and what you can offer them.

To claim the offers, operators must enter their preferred contact email and phone number which we send direct to you. No cold discount codes required, just genuine one-to-one conversations to pick up and build a long-lasting relationship with operators in the space.

Tell me more

My services aren't competitive socialising specific, is that an issue?
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We believe operators can benefit from connections to top suppliers in the wider hospitality and services spaces. In our communications to our operators, we dive into the reasonings behind looking beyond the basic equipment, and why they need to focus on a full experience for their customers.

As such, we have supplier partners who cater to a wide range of venue activities - such as:

- F&B services
- Atmosphere enhancement
- Customer data capture services
- Wi-fi and tech solutions
- Memberships
- Waste management
- Venue hire

See our full list of supplier partners here.

How do I advertise to operator members?
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Our subscriber rate and reach is over 10,000 users. We offer the ability for our supplier members to send e-shots directly to our users, to get your brand in front of as many people in the space in one go.

Benefits & offers portal
The benefits & offers portal is an online platform where our operator members can go to view the latest benefits and offers provided by our supplier members. Here, you're able to showcase your brand and advertise your services on a one-to-one basis to our users. There's no need to create discount codes and tracking. Our users have to enter their preferred contact email and phone number which gets sent directly to you to pick up a conversation. We believe this is the best way to build a long lasting relationship with our operator members.

Plus, our members get a weekly round up of the latest benefits and offers added to the portal, so your brand is shown time and again to our user base to get in touch.

Advertorials & case studies
Our online e-zine The Oracle goes out to our members on a regular basis, with viewership in the thousands. We offer spaces for our supplier members to add case studies, adverts and advertorials across the magazine throughout the year as part of the membership package.

What kind of benefits & offers are on the portal?
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You are able to create, amend and remove benefits and offers to our portal independently. Because of this, you have complete freedom as to what you would like to offer our operator members and for how long a period of time.

The types of benefits we see on the portal differ vastly depending on the supplier partner and what they supply. We have seen discounted rates, percentages off, free consultations, bespoke packages, trial periods and more on the platform so far. You're free to get creative with it!

Besides the basic offer title and description, there is also a 'terms and conditions' section where you're able to add any limitations to the offer that you'd prefer - for example, only offering to new customers or limiting the offer for a period of time.

What kind of research & insights can I expect?
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The aim is to create a one-stop-shop for everything research and data for the competitive socialising industry. With an estimated worth of £1 billion in the UK and growing, there has never been a greater time to get involved with this robust and increasing sector.

We collaborate with data driven suppliers - such as as KAM, Bums on Seats, Feed it Back, Wireless Social and more - to bring you the very latest information on what's new, what's taking off, where the pain points are and what locations are doing best.

Reports such as:
- White Papers
- Opportunities and where to find them
- Customer experience trends & data analysis
- Benchmarking reports
- Latest price indexing

What kind of events does a membership get you access to?
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Gamechangers works with KAM, BII and Inntegra to get our members discounted ticket rates and partnership rates for their regular conferences, awards and other events throughout the year. Gain access to crucial informational updates for your business at a preferable rate.

Our members will also gain access to exclusive Round Tables, supplier speed-dating events, and the opportunity to join a five-a-side football team which serves as a regular competitive socialising, fun, networking event.

What is a supplier speed dating event?
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We rent out a large space and invite operators and suppliers. The operators take a table each and the suppliers rotate between each operator throughout the event for a quick chat and elevator pitch on why they could potentially work together.This is a great way to get your brand in front of a wide range of operators in the space in one fun day.