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A one stop shop for operators in the competitive socialising, immersive gaming & interactive leisure space.

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Competitive socialising is an industry with a current UK value of over £1 billion. With plenty of room for new and emerging operators, we can help you join the space.

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We put you in direct contact with services designed to help your business at every touch point. From insurance to waste management - at an exclusive discounted rate.

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Don't get lumped in with restaurants and hotels. Competitive socialising specific research & insights so you know what you're doing well, and where to improve.

The power of play

The high street revolution continues, led by competitive socialising: harnessing the power of play, and producing creative and innovative experiences for consumers when socialising in hospitality spaces.

Gamechangers is an organisational body designed to cater to and look after venues that have a competitive socialising, immersive leisure and/or an experiential element to their overall hospitality space.

As a member, you’ll be welcomed into a community of like-minded operators and suppliers who are continually innovating in the world of hospitality.

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Our membership plans are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we offer competitive rates that start from as low as £99 per month for operators, and just £4k per year for suppliers. Whether you're looking to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and boost profits, or seeking to expand your reach and connect with potential clients, Gamechangers has got you covered.

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