What we do

An organisation for competitive socialising venues

Gamechangers is an organisational body designed to cater to and look after venues that have a competitive socialising, immersive leisure and/or an experiential element to their overall hospitality space.

This subsector of the hospitality industry is growing and its needs are different to the wider hospitality sector. Your dwell time will be different, the reasons for customers attending your venue are going to be different, and your needs are going to be different.

We're dedicated to providing the answers, services and community that operators in this space need.

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Racking Pool Balls

Why did Gamechangers start?

Over the past decade, competitive socialising has taken the hospitality industry by storm, offering cutting-edge gaming and social activities, as well as inspiring new food and beverage offerings that continue to evolve and impress.

In 2022, our founder Jade Craig was approached by several forward-thinking operators who shared a common vision: the need for a professional 'club' that caters to the unique needs of the competitive socialising, immersive leisure and gaming industry.

Enter Gamechangers - the ultimate benchmarking and information-giving service designed to help you stay ahead of the game.

With tailored business advice from leading professionals in the field, exclusive access to industry insights and best practices, and a thriving community of like-minded operators, Gamechangers is the organisation that serves the specific needs of today’s competitive socialising industry.

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An advisory board that works for you

Led by top operator Graham Cook of All Star Lanes, Gamechangers is an organization created by operators, for operators.

Joining Cook are a team of industry experts:

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