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Direct contact with leading suppliers in the industry - with exclusive pre-negotiated rates

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Regular insights & research unique to the competitive socialising industry

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What's included

Industry insights

We have recognised that the competitive socialising sector needs tailored data analysis, research & insights to make the information work for its operators.

KAM, Feed It Back, Wireless Social, Bums on Seats and many more are on board to regularly provide our members with the latest reports and insights.

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24 hour helplines

The latest HR, legal, licensing and property information can be tough to bring together in one easy digestible piece. Get access to the latest info and helplines by signing up today.

We've teamed up with the people in the know, so you don't have to. Including John Gaunt & Partners Licensing Solicitors, NDML, The Caterer, Christie & Co, and many more.

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Exclusive offers

We have secured offers and benefits from some of the biggest names within the industry and beyond to help you enhance your space.

Whether it's kitting out your space with new competitive socialising products, sourcing entertainment, implementing data, and so much more - we have you covered.

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End to end solutions

Optimise your solutions with our full turnkey, tech and web services. Turn your concepts into reality.

Our members have access to full turnkey services by Purists of Play, competitive socialising products by Home Leisure Direct, ordering app tech solutions, wi-fi and data harvesting, and so much more to make sure you're sorted end-to-end.

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Event access

Optimise your solutions with our full turnkey, tech and web services. Turn your concepts into reality.

Our members have access to full turnkey services by Purists of Play, competitive socialising products by Home Leisure Direct, ordering app tech solutions, wi-fi and data harvesting, and so much more to make sure you're sorted end-to-end.

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The Oracle

Regular features within The Oracle:

A one-stop, easy-to-digest update on everything you need to know and more from within the competitive socialising industry.


The latest industry data & research reviews


New site openings & up and comer interviews


Recent industry event wrap-ups and takeaways


Interviews with operators to learn best practices & tips


Legal, licensing and HR updates and advice


Competitive socialising job board


Venue & property listings


Interviews with our supplier partners


Ask The Oracle: where our suppliers answer your questions

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What kind of research, insights, White Papers and benchmarking can I expect?

Our aim is to give you the information you need to enhance your business effectively.

The competitive socialising industry is a sub-sector of the hospitality industry - one that stands its ground when the wider hospitality sector is facing a downturn. With it being such a unique sub-sector, it can be difficult to find out where best to focus your efforts when the wider hospitality data doesn't match your experience as a competitive socialising operator.

We collaborate with our data driven suppliers - such as KAM, Bums on Seats, Feed It Back, Wireless Social, (and more) - to bring you data that works for you. They have committed to producing monthly and quarterly reports on how the competitive socialising market is doing, what customers are saying, where the pain points are, and further analysis.

Reports such as:
- Benchmarking reports
- White Papers
- Latest price indexing
- Customer experience trends & data analysis
- Opportunities and where to find them

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What do the exclusive offers look like?

Our suppliers provide unique discounts, benefits and offers to our operators. These come in the form of percentage discounts, access to free services, bespoke consultations and so much more.

The online portal shows all of our benefits in one place. To claim the offer, simply click on the offer in the portal to view more details on how it works, enter in the email address you'd like to use to discuss the offer, and hit the 'claim' button. That's it!

The supplier partner will get notified immediately, and get back to you to pick up a conversation to make sure you get the best, personalised offer that works for you and your business.

What kind of suppliers are on board?

We believe operators can benefit from connections to top suppliers in the wider hospitality space, and so we have partner suppliers who can cater to all kinds of needs.

These cover:
- Competitive socialising products
- F&B services
- Customer data capture services
- Tech solutions
- Waste management
- Atmosphere enhancement
- Memberships
- Venue hire

These can be in the form of discounts, preferential rates, bespoke packages, free trials, free consultations, and so much more.

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What kind of events does a membership get you access to?

Gamechangers works with KAM, BII and Inntegra to get our members discounted ticket rates to their regular conferences, awards and other events throughout the year. Gain access to crucial informational updates for your business at a preferable rate.

Our members will also gain access to exclusive Round Tables, networking speed-dating events, and the opportunity to join a five-a-side football team which serves as a regular competitive socialising, fun, networking event.

What kind of legal, HR & licensing advice is included?

Regular articles and updates are available to our members through the portal and The Oracle, to make sure you're in the know about any new rules & regulations that come into play.

What's more, we've arranged a free legal advice helpline, that gives you direct access to top legal services. They will take on your direct issues and give free advice in the immediate term to help you navigate through the problem.

The Caterer, one of the biggest UK jobs boards for the hospitality industry, provides Gamechangers members with a specialised competitive socialising jobs board. Get your business in front of the right candidates, who are enthusiastic about not just the classic hospitality industry duties, but are on board to encourage customers to engage with the fun of competitive socialising.

Why an online magazine?

The Oracle is the easy-digest version of the latest going on within the competitive socialising market today. It includes interviews and informational articles on the latest events (in case you missed out), interviews with new and veteran venues, analysis pieces, latest legal and licensing advice and so much more.

We believe this is the perfect format to share amongst your team. Simply share the online link, get your team to login and view online or simply download and share. It's as easy as that.

Ready player one?

Our membership plans are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we offer the competitive rate of just £99 per month for operators.

Our quick and easy sign-up process takes just minutes and gives you instant access to our full offerings. So don't wait any longer to take advantage of this unique opportunity to level up your business today.

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Everything in one place

With a Gamechangers membership, you gain access to an online portal which gives you access to all of your membership benefits in an easy-to-navigate, fully interactive space.

Just one membership gives your whole business access to:


The latest competitive socialising research & insights


White papers, benchmarking reports & price indexes


Exclusive benefits & offers from our supplier partners


Exclusive & discounted industry event access


The Oracle: the competitive socialising e-zine


HR, legal & licensing advice

Gain access to exclusive benefits from top suppliers

Our supplier partners aspire to provide operators with exclusive deals and membership perks that can aid them in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry. They are determined to support operators with valuable resources, such as insights and research, benchmarking reports, pricing indexes, and surveys, that equip them with the necessary knowledge to run their businesses in a more efficient and effective manner. Check out some of the latest suppliers we have partnered with below:

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