What is competitive socialising?

In a nutshell...

Competitive socialising is a revolutionary concept that combines the thrill of competition with the joy of spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

It's a new way to connect, have fun, and create unforgettable memories. Unlike traditional forms of social interaction, competitive socialising introduces an element of friendly competition and / or immersive experiences, making every moment more exciting and engaging.

Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a trivia whiz, a board game aficionado, or simply enjoy testing your skills in a lively atmosphere, competitive socialising has something for everyone.

What activities count?

The types of activity that fall under this umbrella term vary drastically. As long as it forms a social element with some form of activity that requires either team co-operation or competition, that's competitive socialising. Some example activities include:


Pool & snooker




VR gaming

Axe throwing

Beer pong

Table tennis


Escape rooms

Crazy golf

Why is competitive socialising a big deal?

Increase foot traffic

Want to drive new customers through your door? There's an incredible array of competitive socialising activities to add to your space to create the buzz and excitement to drive new and repeat foot traffic.

A competitive edge

The competition within the hospitality industry is tough. Give your customers a reason to notice you and to visit (and keep on visiting!) with competitive socialising activities that makes your space stand out.

Longer & repeat stays

People enjoy the thrill of competition and a lively social atmosphere, and it'll be too hard to leave once they're drawn in. Plus, this association with fun and excitement can create a steady stream of repeat business.

Create a social buzz

Customers love sharing their experiences, posting photos, and tagging friends. With an exciting offering, customers will promote your brand for you by producing valuable user-generated content and sharing it to new audiences online.

New collaborations

By hosting tournaments, leagues, or themed events, venue operators can partner with local businesses, community organisations, and sponsors, creating mutually beneficial relationships and further increasing exposure (+ revenue opportunities).


With a huge range of activities to choose from to offer - whether it's hosting trivia nights, setting up an arcade area, or creating a mini-golf course - operators have the flexibility to choose activities that align with their space and target audience.

How do I fit in?

Get involved!

Converting your hospitality space and offerings into an exciting competitive socialising space is easier than ever. At Gamechangers, we have a huge range of services to help you get up and running, from data analysis, to product discounts, to awesome F&B options, we're here to help you to win at competitive socialising.

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