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what is competitive socialising?

In a nutshell...

Competitive socialising is a revolutionary concept that combines new experiences and entertainment with the joy of spending quality time with friends and loved ones. It's a new way to connect, have fun, and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you're a trick shotter, trivia whiz, or you simply enjoy trying something new, competitive socialising has something for everyone.

What activities count?

The types of activity that fall under this umbrella term vary drastically. As long as it forms a social element with some form of activity that requires either team co-operation or competition, that's competitive socialising. Some example activities include:

Competitive Socialising Icon - Bowling


Competitive Socialising Icon - Pool Ball

Pool & snooker

Competitive Socialising Icon - Arcade


Competitive Socialising Icon - Pub Quiz

Quiz Nights

Competitive Socialising Icon - Shuffleboard pucks


Competitive Socialising Icon - Darts


Competitive Socialising Icon - VR Goggles

VR gaming

Competitive Socialising Icon - Axe Throwing Axe

Axe throwing

Competitive Socialising Icon - Volume Dial

Live Shows

Competitive Socialising Icon - Karaoke Mic


Competitive Socialising Icon - Maze

Escape rooms

Competitive Socialising Icon - Beer Pong

Beer pong

Competitive Socialising Icon - Table Tennis Paddle and Ball

Table tennis

Competitive Socialising Icon - Pinball


Competitive Socialising Icon - Golf

Crazy golf

Competitive Socialising Icon - Foosball Ball


+ so much more!

Why is competitive socialising a big deal?

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Increase foot traffic

Want to drive new customers through your door? Create buzz and excitement in your space with competitive socialising experiences and games.

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A competitive edge

Give your customers a reason to notice you and visit (+ keep on visiting!) with competitive socialising activities that makes your space stand out.

Icon - arrows rotating around a person

Longer & repeat stays

Our research has shown that dwell time increases up to 72% when provided with entertainment - whether that's with a competitive game or with live music.

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Create a social buzz

With an exciting offering, customers promote your brand by producing valuable user-generated content and sharing it with new audiences online.

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New collaborations

Work with the best collaborating supplier partners in the competitive socialising industry and forge new relationships and revenue opportunities.

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With a huge range of activities to choose from to offer operators have the flexibility to choose activities that align with their space and target audience.