Location Bank

Location Bank is a central database that plugs into the world’s largest mapping companies, websites and apps via API - Enhancing your venues visbility across the digital landscape, ensuring your online footprint mirrors your real world footprint perfectly



Location Bank is a leading tech-driven business offering brands centralised management of digital locations and online reputation across multiple customer endpoints. Location Bank centrally secures your digital presence, leveraging it across multiple endpoints like Google Business Profile, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Waze, Apple and more for maximum brand exposure and ROI; all the while, optimising your reputation at a local venue level. We maximise your real-world business returns by boosting your digital footprint, your data is filtered through our 4-tier data cleansing process to create a 100% accurate business listing formatted to each digital endpoint’s specific standards – if you don’t clean your data, publishing it is like taking 5 steps backwards!

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