Competitive socialising data analysis

Much of the data analysis and benchmarking on offer caters to the wider hospitality sector as a whole, which can leave your business feeling left out. A bowling alley's dwell and spend does not quite compare to a high street restaurant for instance.

We have recognised that the competitive socialising sector needs tailored data analysis, research & insights to make the information work for its operators.

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Insight: Competitive Socialising

Recognising the importance of capturing first-party data for understanding guest behaviour, we also understand the significance of providing marketers with valuable insights on their campaigns' impact on user engagement. Guest Wi-Fi plays a crucial role in contributing to operators' marketable databases, enabling post-visit contact and offering personalisation opportunities.

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Live Music in Hospitality: Benefits, Opportunities & How to Win | Gigrealm | 2023

The report reveals that 78% of consumers are more likely to visit a pub, bar or similar venue if it offers live music. Nearly as many (73%) say they are likely to stay in a venue longer if there is live music, and 76% are likely to buy more drinks. As the cost of living crisis squeezes spending, the report suggests people will prioritise live music when going out. Two thirds (68%) think it provides a great experience with family and friends on a low budget, while 47% say they would be likely to continue visiting venues with live music even if they were short on cash.

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Customer Experience in the Competitive Socialising Sector | Feeditback | 2023

We've collated and analysed 6 months worth of guest feedback data from many brands in the Competitive Socialising sector. This pack will help those brands see how the sector as a whole is performing, along with areas for opportunity to excel further. For the rest of the industry, this pack is helpful to see what is driving this sucess.

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